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“Budget nail bars have taken our high streets by storm. Cheaper than traditional beauty salons, with no appointment required, they appeal to our insatiable desire for a bargain and we want all of this without interacting with the person behind the mask providing our treatment. Yes, your aesthetician has a family and dreams just like you!” – Kate Garbers (

Walk in through the doors of Distilled and you’ll notice right away that we are not just any beauty or nail bar. We are not a discount salon whose goal is to provide fast, on-demand beauty services. We do not stand for the growing trend of a lack of respect in the industry for the person behind the mask that provides our guests with a quality of service we are proud of.

Walk through our doors and you will be greeted like family by our family. Each member has the same hopes and dreams that you do, a family to provide for, and the goal of giving you an experience that you will enjoy.

If you are looking for a “beauty salon” that “always has someone waiting in the back, who can do your nails when you want, wherever you want for half price,” Distilled is not for you. But… if you are looking for a beauty bar that has a team of professional, highly skilled and valued family members that will treat you like they are treated, we welcome you into our family. Join us for your beauty service where you will enjoy getting to know the warm, caring individuals behind the mask that have your best interest at heart. Come let us show you what it means to get Distilled.

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