Summer Tresses Care


Summer can be a difficult time to maintain your favourite colours, cuts and styles. Between pool water, salt water and simply not being able to get in to your regular maintenance appointments due to your own vacations, as well as your stylists vacations, before you know it, your hair has spent an entire month in a ball on the top of your head.


Living-Proof-Instant-Protection-Spray1. Living Proof Instant Protection Spray

In the Restore line of the Living Proof brand, there is a great product for protecting your hair & colour from heat & UV rays called Instant Protection Spray. Its a dry, extremely lightweight spray that you can be spraying all throughout your finished look without feeling any buildup or anything sitting on the surface of your hair. In a sunny city like Calgary, keep in mind that this is a fairly practical product for winter as well, it will protect your hair from your hot tools as well. For light, porous hair colours, this product is a summer must before running out the door to start your day!



Living-Proof-Fresh-Cut-Split-End-Mender2. Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender

When you already know that you’re not going to be able to get in to see your stylist for a cut as frequently as your hair is used to, Living Proof has a product made to instantly seal and heal split ends in their Perfect Hair Day line. This is a product that isn’t a permanent fix for dry & brittle split ends, but will temporarily seal the ends of your hair until it gets wet again. When you go for a hair cut, and you know its going to be the last time you see your stylist for quite some time, if you start using this product every time you wash your hair, immediately after your cut, you will find that by the time you would usually need to be getting a trim, your ends will still be quite manageable and healthy.


Evo-Fabuloso-Platinum-Blonde-Colour-Intensifying-Conditioner3. Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner

This toning conditioner may say “Platinum Blonde” on the bottle, but don’t be mistaken that in these sunny summer months, this product is an amazing option for almost every hair colour that is lighter than a dark brown. The underlying pigment of all of our hair colour is naturally always a brassy, orange or red tinge, and once the sun gets some time with our hair, especially if you there isn’t an SPF product, like the one mentioned earlier, those brassier hues really showcase themselves. This dark indigo coloured conditioner will cancel out any orange or yellow tones and bring your colour back to a more neutral and ashy tone. Whether you choose to use it weekly, monthly, or every wash, its a helpful way to get through longer stints of time without seeing your colourist.

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