The Distilled Dry Pedicure

The Dry Pedicure and why it rules!

In the heart of Marda Loop, Distilled Beauty Bar & Social House has been updating the pedicure scene. Featuring Deborah Lippman 7 free polish, we specialize in clean beauty! The eclectic interior designed by Nam Dang Mitchell has given us an amazing space to care for all your beauty needs and one of our most distinct features is the waterless pedicure.

It sounds un-pampering, somehow, but it’s the opposite: we use fresh, warm wet towels, eliminating the gallons of disinfectants and detergents necessary to keep even the smallest tub of water free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and God knows what else.

In its place, you think about how amazing the massage feels, how relaxed you are, how thorough and lovely the nail technician is, and, when you walk out the door, how gorgeous and perfect your pedicure looks.

During a traditional pedicure with a foot soak, the nail absorbs water, expanding and changing shape. Sometime after the polish has been applied, the nail returns to its original shape and weakens the newly applied nail polish or gel polish. A dry pedicure places polish on a nail not misshapen by the absorption of water, thus resulting in a longer lasting polish application.

Distilled Dry Pedicure Calgary

Not only will your polish last longer, the soles of your feet will stay smooth & soft. When you file the callouses dry, the result is silky smooth finish.

A dry pedicure is also the best option for diabetics: Diabetics are particularly vulnerable to infection. Therefore, soaking feet in a tub of water can dry out the skin and cause cracking, which might lead to infection. A dry pedicure skips the foot soaking, making it the go-to for every diabetic.

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