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Any one who has spent a full winter in Calgary is well aware of what a strong effect the extreme weather changes have on not only your precious locks, but also to your scalp. It’s important to take care of the skin on your head for all the same reasons we take care of the rest of our largest organ as well as for optimal hair!

1. Davines The Circle Chronicles, The Renaissance Circle

Davines carries a line of only masks that target many typical hair issues. The Renaissance Circle is a mask made to particularly target dry, lac lustre hair & has extreme repair qualities. This is a heavier mask made with yellow clay and babassu butter. For best results I will usually use it in the bath, or hop out of shower while it sits in. After shampooing, thoroughly towel dry hair, and apply from root to end. Comb through. Let the product sit in your hair for about 10 minutes and then rinse. Although this is a thicker mask, it is made for all hair types, so for finer hair, you may just need to spend an extra few minutes rinsing it out.


2. Davines NaturalTech, Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

There is a lifestyle brand Davines carries called Natural Tech that is a great line overall for targeting specific issues, but more specifically has a lot of great products for your scalp. The Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo is an amazing shampoo with actual little exfoliating beads in the product, as well as a eucalyptus scent that stimulates the scalp as well. You would use this shampoo, just as you would any other and follow with conditioner. With a more fine, dense hair type, you may need to shampoo again after use & before conditioner to ensure you get all the beads out. This is great product for everyone, whether you have more serious & severe scalp issues and this is just something helpful to add to your routine, or if you are noticing some flakes for the first time coming off of your scalp. Also just a great pick-me-up first thing in the morning.

3. Living Proof Restore Repair Leave In

Within the Living Proof franchise, there is a pink family, the Restore line, that should really be your entire regime if you use quite a bit of chemicals on your hair in salon for the winter. After your hair has been washed and conditioned, apply the leave in from roots to ends and brush out and style as usual. When your hair is wet, it is in a very weak state, almost as weak as when you’re getting a perm done, you need to keep this in mind when combing it out, especially if its been chemically treated. If when combing out your wet hair, you tend to hit a level of knotting, where the brush doesn’t go any further, this product offers a little bit of slip to the hair as well which also will help you to brush it out.

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